Casino Bonuses for Existing Players

existing player bonus(es)

The field of casino promotions is pretty busy, not only with trying to lure gamblers from one site to another, but also trying to foster a sense of loyalty from current members. If you're wondering about existing player bonuses, read on to learn more.

Loyalty Programmes

One of the best promotions out there (although it's not offered everywhere) is the loyalty programme. What's so good about it? Well, it's free for a start. Joining is usually automatic, and gamblers only ever stand to gain. Every time a bet is placed points are earned. Amass enough points and you can swap them for casino credits you can play with at your pleasure.

There's more, however. These programs are frequently multi-tiered, and the higher up the ranks you get the better the prizes you stand to win. Not only do you get a better rate of return for points, but the rewards can also include random cash prizes (akin to lotteries), snazzy sports tickets, or even once-in-a-lifetime holidays. And all this for zero cost.

Reload Player Bonuses

There's a rather obvious potential problem with gambling, namely that sometimes people lose. The reload bonus is there to help apply a little soothing balm to the irritation of finishing in the red, and involves the casino returning to the gambler a certain percentage of their losses over a given period of time. Naturally, the specifics can vary (and you only benefit if you're behind), but this can be a nice way to recover some losses. This is not to be confused with a cashback bonus which actually does provide players with a literal percentage of their losses back with certain casinos.

Referral Player Bonuses

This is a slightly unusual promotion, because normally the casino offers something and the gambler accepts. But this one can be done at the player's instigation, meaning it's led by the individual and the not the site. In addition, friends can mutually refer one another to mutually benefit at different sites.

So, how does it work? An individual refers their gambling buddy to a casino. Once said friend signs up (or makes a first deposit, it can vary) the first individual receives a small amount of free cash, perhaps £20 or suchlike. In an odd sort of way, it's thus both a new and existing player bonus.

Regular Casino Promotions

This can vary quite a lot from one casino to the next, but quite a few run regular promotions that can benefit those already registered. These can be anything from getting certain hands in blackjack in order to be entered into a prize draw or win a cash prize, to achieving certain results in specific slots games. Special offers of this nature tend to change by the week or month (sometimes even daily), and can be a nice way of spicing things up.

Although it might sometimes seem like promotions are mostly aimed at enticing newcomers, there are plenty for existing players to enjoy. If you plan on signing up for the long haul at a casino, be sure to browse their promotions to see what they offer long term players.